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Educational Assistant 2 - Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive High School

Educational Assistant 1/Educational Assistant 2 - Ecole Selkirk Junior High

Educational Assistant 1 - East Selkirk Middle School

Half-Time Learning Support Teacher (Term) - Lockport School

Full-Time Grade 4/5 Teacher (Term) - William S. Patterson School

Lighthouse Activity Coordinator(s) - Ecole Selkirk Junior High


We are accepting applications for Substitute Educational Assistants. Please forward your current Resume and Cover Letter to:

Substitute Teachers

The Lord Selkirk School Division is accepting applications from qualified individuals who are interested in work as a Substitute Teacher in the 2017 - 2018 school year for all grade levels and subjects.  

Returning Substitute Teachers, New Substitute Teachers, and New Grads are invited to apply using our online application program, Job Connect.  

New Grads & New Substitute Teachers to Apply:
Please use the Job Connect link on the left side or top of this page.

You will see the Substitute Teacher postings on the job list.  (Postings # 77, 78)

Returning Substitute Teachers to Apply:
Please use Employee Connect/Jobs/Internal Jobs

You will see the Substitute Teacher posting on the job list.  (Posting # 76)

View the posting that is appropriate for you. Return to the job list and select APPLY.

For more Substitute Teacher Important Information, please Login to Employee Connect and refer to "Resources" - "Links & Forms".