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Early Years Information

Click here to be directed to the Selkirk Family Connections Facebook page

Child Care Nursery School - located at Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School.
For information about this program please click here or call Elaine Dehn at 482-6926, ext. 3240

Preschool Programs

The Lord Selkirk School Division offers a variety of programs for preschool children and their parents.
The following programs are open to all parents in the Lord Selkirk School Division region:

- Fun & Run Time
- Rhyme & Reason
- Rhyme & Reason in French
- Rock N' Read
- Wiggle, Giggle & Munch

Click here to view descriptions of these programs and for information on how to register.

The following programs are offered to children and parents in the specific school’s catchment area.  They may register children and parents from other catchment areas if space is available:

- Family Learning Olympics - Daerwood School
- Family Ties - Ruth Hooker School
- Happy Tots - Happy Thought School
- Kinderstart - Centennial School, Daerwood
  School, & Ecole Bonaventure
- RSS/RSH Neighbours (Coffee Club) -
 Ruth Hooker & Robert Smith School

Click here to view descriptions of these programs and for information on how to register.


Community Inventory of Programs and Services
Click here to view booklet

Selkirk Family Connections, a parent-child coalition, also offer local preschool programs. Information about this coalition and its programs can be found on their Facebook page at:

LSSD Early Childhood Development
During 2007-10, the Lord Selkirk School Division was involved in a federal research project called Understanding the Early Years (UEY).  UEY was designed to research community information  about factors which affect early childhood development.  Information about UEY can be found at www.lssd.ca/ueyselkirkinterlake.