Lord Selkirk School Division
430 Morris Avenue, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, R1A 1B4

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Contact Us
Our address is 430 Morris Avenue, Selkirk, MB R1A 1B4.  Our telephone number is 482-3614; fax us at 482-3078.  Our office hours are 8:15 am - 4:00 pm.  Use our email: ruth-hooker-sch@lssd.ca.

Our Mission
We strive for the important things in life:     
Friendship (buddies)
Co-operation (sharing)
Success (doing our best).

Our School Rule
Keep your hands and feet and unkind words to yourself.

Our School Philosophy
Our goal is to help all students grow and develop to their potential in academic learning, social skills, personal happiness and responsibility.  As a school team we endeavour to foster:
  • A positive attitude and atmosphere that facilitates an excitement about learning.
  • A high quality program of academic, social and physical skill development.
  • A sensitivity towards students and their social-emotional needs and to provide appropriate support services where required.
  • The development of student responsibility and organizational skills with respect to themselves, their work habits and personal possessions.
  • A respect by students for themselves, for others, for property, and for the community in which they live.
Your support is needed to make these goals a reality!!

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to demonstrate integrity, ethical conduct, and academic honesty in all assessments, research, class work and homework assignments. Students must understand that the tests/exams they complete and the assignments they submit as evidence of learning must be their own work and that cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Aspects of academic honesty include copying others’ work, using cheat notes, misrepresenting circumstances to obtain extensions, and submitting or representing someone else’s work as one’s own.

The Four Golden Rules of Our School

Be a friend
Tell the truth
Watch out for others
Show respect for others’ privacy
Show your appreciation
Play by the rules
Wait your turn
Wait for your turn to talk
Be helpful
Use an inside voice inside the school
Say “excuse me”, “please”, “thank you”
Take care of library & classroom books
Use your manners
Share the play structure and swings
Be a good sport
Take care of gym, playground & school equipment
Be a leader
Look with your eyes…listen with your ears
1-2-3 at the fountain
Keep our school and playground clean
Wash your hands
Remember to use your agenda
Walk facing forward
Bring all your supplies and be ready to work
Walk at “medium speed”
Play fair
Hands and feet to yourself
Remember to bring your gym clothes
Use gym/play equipment with care
Stay in your seat at lunchtime
Change rooms are for changing
Try hard, do your best!
Keep your feet and chair legs on the floor
Change quickly for gym class
Get permission to use gym equipment
Need help? ... Ask an adult
Walk your bike across the crosswalk
Do your homework
Cross at the crosswalk and listen to the Patrols
Line up quickly when the bell rings
Sand and snow stays on the ground
Report problems with equipment

 Last Modified: 12 March,2013