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Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada R1A 2E2
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The Breakfast Program is operated by an Educational Assistant with help from a variety of volunteers. The Breakfast Program opens every morning at 8:15am and remains open to provide toast, milk, fruit, yogurt, hot and cold cereal, and the occasional egg until 8:45am. Any student may drop in for breakfast and new students are encouraged to drop in to meet other Robert Smith Roadrunners filling up their tank for another great day of active learning.

The program is run on donations from programs such as Breakfast For Learning, the Rotary Annes, Extra Foods, The Selkirk Food Bank, The Child Nutrition Council, The Friendship Centre and private donations from individuals and families. Actual food donations (new, unopened items only please) are also accepted. If you would like to donate please drop by the school to talk to Ms Minaker.