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Regional Support Centre

Regional Support Centre
211 Main Street
Selkirk MB  R1A 1R7
Phone:  (204) 482-7014
Fax:  (204) 785-1259

Background and Goals:

The purpose of the Regional Support Centre is to provide extra support on a short-term and/or long-term basis for at-risk students who are experiencing behavioural and/or emotional difficulties which prevent them from functioning successfully in the regular school setting.  The program provides a low staff-student ratio, remedial support, and an intensive counseling component.

Criteria for Admission:

1.      The Regional Support Centre accepts students from grades 1 through 8.  The selection process is as flexible as possible.  BRIDGES works with students from S1 (gr. 9) to S2 credits.

2.      Students considered for the program usually exhibit behaviours which are not effective in meeting their needs. Characteristics may include:

Ø       Short attentions span,
Ø       Social/relationship problems,
Ø       Hostile/aggressive behaviour,
Ø       Severely withdrawn behaviour,
Ø       Need for individual attention
Ø       Associated learning problems.

3.      Problems  have persisted in spite of significant interventions.
Our intent is to develop, in conjunction with school personnel and parents, an individualized behavioural and educational action plan for each student.
        The following program components are put into place to promote personal and emotional growth:
        1.      A co-ordinated team approach.
        2.      Professional development opportunities for staff in the social-emotional domain.
        3.      Behaviour management and pro-social skills programming for each student.  The aim is to develop:
                Ø       awareness, empathy and responsibility,
                Ø       conflict resolution / anger management strategies
                Ø       study and organizational skills

4.      Individual counseling time to assist students in dealing with personal concerns.

5.      Family counseling and parent group meetings are available.

6.      Academic programming is provided in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.  Academic adaptations are provided where necessary.

7.      Transition support, along with re-integration planning and follow-up.

Intake Procedures:

Obviously, close collaboration between home, school, and Centre staff will be an essential ingredient for success.  To facilitate service delivery and monitoring, a case manager should be identified in each situation.

Parental permission will be obtained by personnel from the home, school, or division.  Prior to admission, parents will be asked to meet with Centre staff to complete necessary forms, discuss concerns, and set up an orientation visit (for the student and family).

Prior to start-up, a transportation plan should be completed by the sending school and submitted to the Centre.  Every effort will be made to communicate effectively with school personnel.

Referral Process

Referral from school to Assistant Director of Student Services or R.S.C. Director

Two-page intake form forwarded to R.S.C. Director

Intake-cases reviewed and prioritized by Centre staff

Intake forms completed by school personnel for students accepted into the program.  (Student entry, exit, and transition planning).

Follow-up, transition, and implementation of recommendations.  Monitoring student after exit date.

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