Grade 8 Math
Grade 8 MathGrade 8 Math
Pythagorean TheoremPythagorean Theorem
Explore the Math ActivityExplore the Math Activity
Explore the Math Activity
Use the square tiles to make 5 rectangles with the dimension shown.

Length (cm)

Width (cm)
Area  (cm²)
Square? (yes/no)
Side length of Square (cm)

After constructing the shape, record the area of the shape.
Try to rearrange the tiles in each rectangle to make a square.
Which rectangles can you make into square? Record the results in your table.
Record the side length of each square in your table.
How is the area of each square related to its side length?

Complete the factor trees to determine the prime factors of 15 and 16.
                          15                                                           16
                 3        X      5                                              2       X        8
                                                                           2      X     ____      X  _____                                        
                                                                     2     X    _____X   ______    x    ______                                                      

             b)   Write 15 and 16 as a product of prime factors.
                            15 = 3 x 5                            16=   ______  x  _______    x ______  x  _____                   

Complete the following table.

Perfect Square? (yes/ no)
Prime Factors
Number of times Each Prime Factor Appears





Look at the column titled Number of Times Each Prime Factor Appears.
What do all of the perfect squares have in common?

What do all of the non-perfect squares have in common?

A) How can square tiles help you to determine if a number is a perfect square?

B) How can prime factors help you to determine if a number is a perfect square?


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