Grade 8 Girls Basketball
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Thurs. Dec. 3rd Practice-Tryouts                     3:30-5:15p.m.
Friday Dec. 4th Practice-Tryouts                     7:15-8:40a.m.
Tues. Dec.  8th Practice                                    3:30-5:15p.m.
Wed. Dec. 9th   Practice                                    7:15-8:40a.m.
Fri. Dec. 11th  Practice                                    7:15-8:35a.m.
Mon. Dec.14th   Practice                                    5:15-7:00p.m.
Thurs. Dec. 16th        Game                  Selkirk  36   Seven Oaks 25
Fri.  Dec.18th             Practice                                    3:30-5:30 p.m.
Tues. Dec. 22nd Practice(optional)                  10:30-12:30a.m.
Wed. Dec.23rd   Practice(optional)                  10:30-12:30a.m.
Mon. Jan.4 th   Practice                                   3:30-5:15p.m.
Thurs. Jan.5th  Practice                                   7:15-8:40a.m.        
Thurs. Jan.7th  Practice                                   3:30-5:15p.m.
Mon. Jan. 11th  Practice                                   7:15-8:40a.m.
Tues. Jan 12th            Practice                                   7:15-8:40a.m.
Wed. Jan. 13th  Practice                                   5:15-6:45p.m.
Mon. Jan. 18th          Practice                                   7:15-8:45a.m.
Wed. Jan. 20th          Practice                                     3:30-5:15p.m.
Thurs. Jan. 21st        Practice                                     3:30-5:15p.m.
Mon. Jan. 25th    Practice                                   cancelled-snow day
Thurs.Jan.28th     Practice                                  7:15-8:45a.m.      
Mon. Feb. 1st   Practice                                     3:30 p.m.-5:15p.m
Wed. Feb. 3rd   Practice                                     3:30 p.m.-5:15p.m
Wed. Feb. 10th  Practice                                     7:15-8:40a.m.
Fri.    Feb. 12th       Practice                                     5:15-6:45p.m.
Wed. Feb. 17th  Practice                                     7:15-8:40a.m.
Fri.. Feb. 19th         Practice                                     7:15-8:40a.m.
Mon. Feb. 22nd  Practice                                     7:15-8:40a.m.
Wed. Feb. 24th  Practice                                     7:15-8:40a.m.
Tues. Mar.2nd   Practice                                     7:15-8:40 a.m.
Mon. Mar. 8th   Practice                                     7:15-8:40a.m.
Wed. Mar. 10th        Practice                                     3:30-5:15p.m.
Mon. Mar. 15th  Practice                                      3:30-5:30 p.m.
Tues. Mar. 16th Practice                                      3:30-5:15 p.m.
Thurs. Mar. 18th        Practice                                      3:30-5:30 p.m.
There will be more practices as this is what has been scheduled and what will take place forthcoming.

League schedule:
Tuesday   January   26th      ESMS   (11)             at      SELKIRK   (34)         
Tuesday   February 2ND      Selkirk     (66)           at    Lockport       ( 8 )
Tuesday   February 9th      Selkirk    (41)       at    ESMS            ( 6 )   
Tuesday February 23th     Lockport  (12)       at   Selkirk       (38)   
League Semi-final  March 4 (first place reg. season- Selkirk Suns receives bye to divisional final)

Finals Night Thursday March 11th at the Comp.   ESJH(43)       ESMS(16)
                                        *ESJH are  divisional champs*
Tournament Schedule:
Friday/Saturday   January 22,23rd                         Westdale/Oak Park  2W 1L( 2nd place )
Friday/Saturday   January  29, 30th                       M.B.C.I.    2W 1L (Consolation Champs)
Friday/Saturday   Feb. 5,6th                                 General Wolfe  2W 1L ( Third place)
Friday/Saturday   Feb. 26,27th                             Leila North/Maples  2W 1L ( 3rd place)
Friday/Saturday   March 5,6th                             Selkirk- Home  3W (1st place)

2010 Junior Girls Provincial Invitational Tournament ( !st/2nd/3rd Round games at Transcona Collegiate)

First round game              SELKIRK (39)   VS     JOHN GUNN (20)        on Mon. March 22---7:00 p.m.
Second Round game       SELKIRK  (19)   VS.   Stanley Knowles (45)        Tuesday March 23---7:00 p.m.

FINAL RECORD:   18 Wins  5 Losses       Congratulations Girls on A Great Season!!

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