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February is I Love To Read Month no matter where you are!!  Celebrations, contests, and special guest reader visits are taking place in schools across the country!  Reading is one of the strongest links to your future.  Without reading, everything is much more difficult.  Reading is also one of the least favorite things that kids in middle school like to do!  

When I asked students why they don't read on a daily basis, most said they were too busy or they don't like reading.  "Sports" was the main reason these kids are too busy to read so a suggestion was to take something to read to your practice or game and get 15 or 20 minutes worth of reading in somewhere...maybe on your way there or back!  Or once you get home!  It's a great way to relax and wind down after an evening of physical activity.  And "reading" doesn't always mean a novel or a book.  Read a magazine, the newspaper, or comics.  The kids that said they don't like reading probably haven't found the right book yet.  Read about stuff that you like to do!  If video games are your thing, why not do some research and find out how that all came about?  Or how it's done?  Cut 15-20 minutes out of your gaming time to'll be worth your while in the end.

On Thursday, Feb.16, ESJH will welcome author Dennis Maione!  He is an author living in Winnipeg and recent282017_30034_0.pngly wrote a memoire regarding the 2 battles he has fought with Cancer.  He’s a young man with a young family but he has a great attitude!  We look forward to hearing him read to us, tell stories and answer questions.  So get ready for a great afternoon with Dennis Maione!  

Thanks to Dennis Maione for helping us to celebrate I Love To Read Month!!
Read Everyday!  Your mind will love you for it!!






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