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New Feedback Format for Budget Planning

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  • Watch for it! Last year, we had over 700 responses to our electronic survey to help inform the Board of Trustees and Division to plan for budget deliberations and areas to consider. In view of this positive response, we will be utilizing an electronic survey again this year. The survey will be sent out to all parents and available to the community through our website in late November and December.
  • This survey will take the place of the public budget forums that have been held in various schools throughout the division in Fall. Attendance at these forums have been very limited and thus trustees will prepare a survey to receive input in a format that can be completed and submitted at your convenience.
  • Be a part of the process! Upon receiving the information and results, trustees will review and use the feedback received to determine priorities for budget deliberations in January.
  • First Draft of Budget! After the Board and Division receives the funding announcement in late January, a First Draft of the budget will be prepared. This Draft will be shared with the LSSD community on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 7:00 p.m. at LSRCSS cafeteria. The Board will then take input from this presentation to prepare the final 2020/2021 budget.
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