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This is no doubt the most unusual March we have experienced. As the COVID-19 situations evolve we continue to take our direction from the Provincial Health Officer and Manitoba Education.

We would like to thank all our LSSD staff, students, and community for "stepping up" at this difficult time. Learning at a distance is challenging. We are mindful that there is no way we could highlight and show our appreciation to every person and every role. Thank you to our administrators and educators who are energized and innovative in providing varied learning opportunities and supporting our students and parents. We would further like to thank our staff who are busy cleaning and disinfecting schools and buses, providing technology support, and keeping school division operations and buildings running smoothly.

Last but not least, thank you to our students who are working at home under the guidance of their first teachers, their parents.

On the behalf of our Senior Administration team and Board of Trustees, remember to stay healthy and enjoy time with family!


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