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Adopted by Indigo - Daerwood School!

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We are excited to announce that Daerwood School has been adopted by the Indigo Kenaston Common, Love of Reading Foundation (formerly known as Chapters)!!!

In the first weekend of the campaign, 23 new books have already been donated to our school.

There are a few different ways you can support this campaign:

  • Share a Story, Give a Story – Share a story about your love of reading online, and Daerwood School will receive one new book for every story shared (up to 20 new books)
  • Love a Story – If one of our supporters stories gets the most likes, we will be entered to win a draw (valued at $2500 in new books)
  • Donate online (for every $ 20 donated, The Love of Reading Foundation will match the donation by $ 10 – the equivalent of one new book)
  • Donate in-store, at 1590 Kenaston Blvd. (any amount)

Please visit the following link and register as a supporter of Daerwood School. The campaign runs from September 15th to October 7th, so please don't delay and thank you so much for supporting our love of reading and literacy for our students and future leaders.

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