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School Trustee Elections

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SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION - October 24, 2018

Municipal and school board elections will take place on October 24, 2018. Perhaps you are interested in learning more about what the role of a trustee and the process involved for becoming a trustee. Trustees are advocates for students and education through responsible use of available resources. Trustees are policy makers, listeners, communicators and accountable to the community.

What does it mean to be a Trustee?:

Many excellent resources are available through the Manitoba School Boards Association (MSBA):

School Boards and Trusteeship in Manitoba (see below)

Talking about School Boards and Communities (see below)

A hard copy of this is included in the Candidate Information Package at the School Board Office.


A person is qualified to be nominated for and elected as a trustee if they are:

  • a.A Canadian citizen
  • b.18 years of age
  • c.A resident of the school division for at least 6 months
  • d.Not disqualified under any provision of the Public Schools Act or any other Act, or otherwise by law prohibited from being a trustee or voting at elections in the school division

In Lord Selkirk School Division, we would also suggest that a passion for public education and a desire to serve the students and families of our division, and a commitment to work collaboratively are assets.

Important dates:

MSBA will be conducting a Candidate information session in Winnipeg on September 10 at the Norwood Hotel, 112 Marion St at 7:00 pm

Nominations will be accepted between September 12 – 18, 2018. Nomination papers can be picked up at the LSSD Board Office during business hours, and are available now. Twenty-five signatures of voters of the ward or 1% of eligible voters of the Ward (whichever is less) are required. Once submitted, information is verified and candidates will be notified.

Time commitment:

The School Board meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month, usually beginning at 6 and ending by 10. In addition, there may be meetings of the entire Board on the second and fourth Tuesday. These are held during the day. In addition, trustees participate in a variety of other committees, the majority of which meet during the day, some meet after the school day or in the evening. In addition to meeting time, it is an expectation that adequate time is spent in preparation for active participation in meetings.

The Lord Selkirk School Division Board of Trustees also has a rich legacy of attendance at school presentations, concerts, awards and other special events which support the programs but also aid in developing a better understanding of the strengths and needs of different schools.

Who you represent/who you serve:

Trustees are elected to a specific Ward. This is most often because they live in that area/are most familiar with the school(s). However, once elected, each trustee works for the common good of all schools in the division.


School Trustees are governed by the Public Schools Act and the Education Administration Act, in addition to school division Policies and Regulations. Having a good understanding of these is central to effective Board governance. Some of this will be reviewed through the course of trustee orientation but it is an expectation that new trustees are familiar with these documents.

Education/orientation sessions will take place in late October/early November that are specific to Lord Selkirk School Division.

MSBA will be conducting a New Trustee Orientation and education offerings will take place on November 29 and 30th at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg.

If you have a passion for kids, a love for education and want to get involved in the community in a challenging and meaningful role, consider becoming a school trustee.

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