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K - 12 Education Review- New Information!

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As you may have heard in the news, the Manitoba Government is undertaking a K – 12 Education Review for Manitoba. This is the first review of its kind in decades.

The Manitoba Commission will lead the public consultation from February to May 2019 as they are asking for your thoughts on the future of our education system.

The Commission is seeking comments on a wide range of topics including:

  • Long term vision – What should the goals and purpose of K-12 Education be in a rapidly changing world?
  • Student learning – What are the conditions required to achieve excellence in student achievement and outcomes in Manitoba?
  • Teaching – How can teachers and school leaders become more effective?
  • Accountability for student learning – How can the education system develop a stronger sense of shared accountability for student learning?
  • Governance – What type of governance structures are needed to create a coordinated and relevant education system?
  • Funding – What actions are required to ensure that the education system is sustainable and provides equitable learning opportunities for all children and youth?

How can you contribute your thoughts? You can attend a public meetings, complete an online survey or submit a written report to the Commission.

Please see the official website for all documents, listing of public hearings and how to participate.

I encourage you to share your thoughts as we look to shape the future of education in Manitoba.



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