Divisional Plan



2015 – 2018


Educational Care and Excellence



Ø The Lord Selkirk School Division is committed to providing quality educational programs and opportunities for its community of learners.

Ø The Lord Selkirk School Division is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment to support and enable learners to develop the knowledge, skills and values to reach their full potential.

Core Values

Ø Caring

Ø Compassion

Ø Empathy

Ø Honesty / Integrity

Ø Respect


Pillars of Success

Ø Instructional Excellence

Ø Programs and Services

Ø Staff Development

 Annual Planning Cycle

The Board of Trustees of the Lord Selkirk School Division is committed to engaging with and providing opportunities for the involvement and input of its community. We invite the community members to actively contribute their ideas and views throughout the year.

Division Goals 2015-2018


Provide inclusive quality education

Communicate with and involve the community

Succession planning on all levels

The following is part of the Lord Selkirk School Division planning cycle and represents the school division’s commitment to its Vision, Mission and Values.  The plan was initially developed based on discussions with stakeholders and will be reviewed annually. The basis for the review will come from further stakeholder consultations, data collected through various division committees, research, and staff, student, parent and constituent input.


The three goals outlined will be the focal points for the Board over the next three years. Additional work will also continue as part of the progress of the division, and the Board is committed to continuous improvement for all.



quality education

Have Senior Administration

develop plans for staff/student and student/student interactions and relationships.

The plan has been shared and approved by the Board.

The plan has been implemented division-wide.

Determine levels of attendance throughout K-12 and the factors contributing to absenteeism.
An attendance baseline has been established.

Senior Admin has provided to the Board the factors contributing to absenteeism.

The Board has received from Senior Administration an intervention plan to address absenteeism.

Have Senior Administration research the programming needs in Aboriginal Education, French Immersion and Special Needs.
The Board has incorporated into their annual budget discussions, a prioritized list of programs requiring support.

Quality programming is established in Aboriginal Education, French Immersion, and Special Needs.

Facilities and equipment have been deemed adequate to provide inclusive and quality learning.
Have Senior Administration promote collaborative initiatives across the division.Evidence of teachers collaborating and networking in all schools and across the division is presented to the Board.
Communicate with and involve the community
Develop a plan and process to solicit feedback from the community.
A mechanism is developed and implemented to solicit feedback.

Increased attendance at public forums.

Develop and implement a plan using technology/social media to promote community involvement.The Board sees evidence of a more interactive LSSD website, as measured by usage.
Develop strong relationships with local governments.Board representatives are meeting with local governments at least once per year.
Provide timely and relevant information to the community.
The Board has decided on a report format that includes relevant information.

Annual report is made to the community.
Communicate the Divisional Plan to the community.The Division Plan is reviewed annually by the Board and the public is informed of updates to the plan.
Succession planning on all levelsHave Senior Administration report on areas of risk and opportunity to enable the Board to analyze and understand the division’s demographic profile.The Board has received and analyzed the status report.

The Board has a thorough understanding of divisional demographics and has identified areas of risk and opportunity.
Evaluate job descriptions at all Administrative levels to ensure they are up-to-date.The Board will have reviewed the job descriptions for Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer and ensured that they are up-to-date.

Senior Administration has reviewed job descriptions for all administration and ensured they are up-to-date.
The Board will review policy on personnel evaluations and hiring practices.Policy on personnel evaluations and hiring practices are up-to-date.
The Board will consider options to develop leadership capacity at Board and committee levels.New options have been implemented to develop leadership skills throughout the Board.

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