Business Education Classroom - Student desks shown with keyboards, optical mice, and computer monitors. At front of classroom is a screen for teacher to display content

Lord Selkirk School Division's Information Technology (IT) Department serves to support student success for all by providing and supporting appropriate and sustainable technologies that encourage critical and creative thinking.


Lord Selkirk School Division's IT department manages a high-speed fiber and point-to-point wireless data network connecting all sixteen buildings. It provides nearly 1,000 staff and over 4,000 students with network and internet access. Staff and students are encouraged to make use of personal technology by accessing our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wireless network across the division.

Classroom Technology

All our classrooms are equipped with projection/interactive whiteboards and audio equipment. Some are equipped with 3D printers, classroom robots, document cameras, laser cutters, and wide format printers. Our team of IT Technicians provides training and support for teachers using our fleet of laptops, tablets, desktops, printers, etc.

Our goal is to be partners in education; supporting teachers while providing the resources to enable the day-to-day administration of the division.

Information Systems

The IT team manages and maintains the systems Lord Selkirk School Division relies on such as Microsoft Office 365, PowerSchool Student Information System, CIMS by TakeTwo Human Resources and Financial System, Follett Destiny Library Manager, Transfinder Bus Routing, SafeStop School Bus Tracking, and more.

In addition, the IT department is responsible for electronic building access, security alarms and surveillance cameras, mobile and office phones, and Intercom/PA systems.


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