Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for bussing?

To be eligible for bussing, students must live 1.6 km or more by the shortest route from the school and within their school district boundary.

If you live in the Lord Selkirk School Division catchment however choose to attend a school outside your boundary, this becomes school of choice and we do not provide bussing for school of choice students.

Exceptions are:
  • Attendance to one of the following schools/programs:
    • Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School
    • Ukrainian Program at Happy Thought School/East Selkirk Middle School
    • French Immersion at Ecole Bonaventure/Ecole Selkirk Jr. High

We do not bus any students from outside the Lord Selkirk School Division catchment. If you live outside the LSSD catchment and wish to request busing to the Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School, please contact the school division of which you reside.

How much will bussing cost?

Bussing is completely free for those within the Lord Selkirk School Division catchment. We do not accept payment for any circumstance.

How do I receive a bus pass?

Bus passes are handed out on an emergency basis only, requested through the school office.

When should I fill out a Request for Transportation form?
  • New Request for Transportation.
  • Moved/address change.
  • Change of daycare or care location.

Why can't the bus stop at my house? It drives right by.

The LSSD must be diligent in being efficient and keeping our ride times to a minimum: therefore, we cannot stop at each student's house. Transportation takes into consideration the age of the children, the proximity of the stops, and the accessibility of roadways when planning routes.

Can my child bring a friend home with them on the bus or go home with a friend on another Bus?

No. Every student riding the bus must be a registered bus rider and be transported to their assigned location.

How do I contact my bus driver?

By calling the Lord Selkirk School Division transportation department at (204) 785-7311.

The weather is really bad outside and very cold. Will the bus be running?

We make every effort to get the students to/from school in all-weather situations. Buses will run to a temperature of -45 degrees Celsius with the wind-chill. Severe weather conditions and poor roads may result in late arrival and departure. Be sure to check your SafeStop app and keep a phone nearby in case of late bus announcement. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately (i.e. hats, gloves, snow pants, winter jacket, winter boots)

What time should my student be at the bus stop?

Students should be at their designated bus stop no later than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.

How do I know if the buses are late or cancelled?
  • The LSSD will make a call for notice of late buses and/or cancelations. Please make sure your contact information is updated with the school.
  • We also announce bus cancellations on radio stations.

My child missed getting off the bus at their stop?

No worries! Our bus drivers are highly trained and fantastic in these situations. Please call the transportation department at (204) 785-7311.

If I have a bussing concern how do I Address it?

If you have any questions or concerns with the bussing please contact the Lord Selkirk School Division transportation department at (204) 785-7311.