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About our School


At East Selkirk Middle School, we recognize that middle years age students are making critical life choices. This is an important stage in terms of forming attitudes, values and habits. Students are affected both physically and emotionally and this brings about challenges not only for the students, but also the parents and teachers. For middle years schools to be successful their students must be successful, for students to be successful the school’s organization, curriculum and programs must be based on the needs of these kids. Students at this stage of development need caring, support and understanding as well as structure and fair discipline if they are to succeed.
Schools and teachers need to ask the question when dealing with certain ideas: 

  • What is the ultimate purpose? 
  • What are we trying to accomplish?

We hope that students, parents and staff will work hard to make this a reality. Parents should feel free to contact the school at any time.I wish students, parents and staff many successes in the up coming year.

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