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What is ISPL?
  • ISPL stands for Individualized Self Paced Learning
  • ISPL is an academic program

What does that mean?
  • Students work individually on Individualized units of study
  • Students work at their own pace (Note: you must be at a pace!)

What are the different programs of ISPL?
  • Recovery course – students complete only 2 units of study if their incoming mark is above 40>#/li###
  • Complete course – students complete the whole course of study if their mark is less than 40>#/li###
  • Satellite program – students complete the course outside the classroom. Regular “check-ins” are established between the student and ISPL teacher

What courses are offered in ISPL?
  • Grade 9 – Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Phys. Ed
  • Grade 10 – Science, Essential Math, Geography, English, Phys. Ed
  • Grade 11 – Topics in Science, Essential Math, History, Transactional English, Phys. Ed
  • Grade 12 – Essential Math, Transactional English, World Geography, Phys. Ed and Technical Communications (vocational students only)

What do I need to know about the ISPL program?
  • You must attend class
  • You must complete all the work within each unit
  • Students work on one course at a time, one period a day
  • Students earn a regular course credit upon completion
  • ISPL is not a resource program
  • ISPL is the only place at the comp to earn a Grade 9 credit
  • Students generally have been unsuccessful in the regular classroom before they are placed in ISPL
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