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Achieve a sense of personal satisfaction as you redefine and enhance a client's appearance

If you enjoy meeting and talking with people and like to work creatively with your hands, a career as a Hairstylist allows you unlimited opportunities. Hair styling is an art and is often associated with the world of fashion. As a Hairstylist you achieve a sense of personal satisfaction as you redefine and enhance a client’s appearance. Hair styling provides a variety of services for clients, most of all which are related to the care of hair, such as permanent waves, shampoos, cutting, colouring, straightening, styling, etc. Students will be required to purchase professional scissors or scissor kits from the school or a supplier.

Entrance Requirements: 

A student entering the course should be in good health. Students must be prepared to stand for long periods of time; be able to move arms, have good dexterity; have good vision and hearing (normal or corrected); be non-allergic to hair or chemical solutions; be able to distinguish colours and read directions; be friendly and congenial with clients and fellow students.


Students must successfully complete Grade 12 of the Hairstyling Major program with a minimum average of 70% or higher in both their theory and practical work. Students can gain employment as an apprentice at the age of 16 but must be registered as a Hairstyling Major student. The Provincial Practical Government Exam will be administered by an appointed examiner at the completion of 1400 hours at Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive School.

Grade 12 students will be required to purchase one mannequin for cutting, approximate cost $60.00 plus tax.


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