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Machine Technology

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Careers in aerospace, utility companies, pulp and paper, tool and die and the plastics industry.

The high standard of living has been brought through advances in industrialization and technology. New manufacturing methods use computers, robots and cutting tool machines. The machine operators of the past are now becoming technicians, service people or machine computer builders and designers. Whether it is a technician who sets up and oversees machine operation a, supervisor, programmer, or machine technician, all must be familiar with the basic machining operations (drilling, turning, milling, grinding etc.) and the sequence in order to cope with the challenges of manufacturing in today’s rapidly changing society.

Graduates may find employment in aerospace, automotive, hydro production, oil refining, plastics industries, printing trades, pulp and paper, public utilities and tool and die making, along with several other job/career opportunities that involve machines that require set up, operation and maintenance. Upon completion of this program, students could go directly into the workplace, enter an apprenticeship or continue their technical training at college or university.

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