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Homestay Refund Policy

Homestay Refunds

All homestay payments are issued to the homestay family from the Lord Selkirk School Division.

  1. If the student leaves the Program the unused monthly payments will be refunded to the student
  2. In the event that a student leaves a homestay mid-month but remains in the Program, the move is initiated by the International Student Program and the homestay fee for the complete month has been paid, the International Student Program staff may collect the unused portion (less any outstanding debts owed to the homestay family from the international student) of the homestay payment from the family to be used to pay the new homestay family.
  3. In the event the student leaves a homestay mid-month, the move is initiated by the student or necessitated due to the student’s behaviour, the student will be required to pay the fee for the current month to the homestay family plus the fee to be paid to the new homestay family for the balance of the month.
  4. If a student chooses and is granted permission to travel, the homestay fee will not be pro-rated for the time the student is away. Full payment for the month is required.

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