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❝My time in Canada although it wasn’t long was the best experience I have ever had. I have met some wonderful people and school was a blast. During my time in Canada I experienced yellow school buses, snowman building, onion rings, root beer and so many more amazing North American things. My homestay family were super, they always made sure I was doing okay. They had the most welcoming environment, introduced me to eggnog and were all round legends. School was hunky dory, although my marks did not count towards anything for me I gave it my all and had the best time. My classes were awesome, my teachers so supporting and the cafeteria had the best chicken fingers. All in all, my two months were very swell and I am very sad my parents wanted me to return home.❞

-Georgia (Australia)

❝I had a really good time in Canada. I enjoyed playing hockey, curling and lots of other sports. I met a lot of new friends and became part of a new family. They are really awesome! I hope every other international student would get a family like mine in Selkirk. My family was so great, they took us to Mexico! School is very different than at home, partly it’s easier but it can be harder too. For example – if you take Pre- Calculus and it’s in another language?!?!? I really loved the time here in Canada and would like to thank everyone I met for making my time here so great!❞

-Gregor (Italy)

❝At the beginning, I was to come to Selkirk for 2 months, my host family was so good and friendly that I stayed for the rest of the school year. The experience I had was something I will never forget, I met so many people. I tried so many new things it was perfect. I am so glad that I decided to come here I really didn’t expect to have that much fun! I think at the end you learn so much about yourself and your own person.❞

-Chleo (France)

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