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Information and Resources: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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For LSSD staff, students and families who require emotional support during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact one of the following to set up a time to talk:


LSSD Divisional Plan will be available by Aug. 14th

Specific School Plans will be available by Sept. 2nd


Frequently Asked Questions - prepared by Manitoba Education.

Click here for Manitoba Education – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 (English)

Click here for Manitoba Education – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 (French)


Youth Crime Prevention Services "Fast Facts", providing references to educational information, activities, on-line reading, video's and virtual tours,valuable information on COVID-19, ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and aids in understanding the importance of self-isolation via following information

Click here for Information regarding Information from Provinces and Territories.

Click here for Information regarding Canadian response to COVID-19, be informed and be Prepared.

Click here for Information regarding FAST FACTS (National Crime Prevention and Indigenous Policing Services).

Click here for Information regarding Faits Saillants (Services nationaux de police autochtones et de prévention du crime).

Click here for Information regarding Fast Facts - Message from the RCMP.

Click here for Information regarding Faits Saillants - Message de la GRC.

Click here for Information regarding Indigenous Services Canada - Preparedness & Response.

Click here for Information regarding isolate with COVID-19.

Click here for Information regarding Social Distancing and Reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Click here for Manitoba Education – Response Plan for Learning (English)

Click here for Manitoba Education – Response Plan for Learning (French)


Click here for letter to LSSD Families.

Click here for Information regarding Supporting the emotional needs of students in response to COVID-19.


The Minister of Education directed all schools to suspend classroom learning indefinitely.

Click here for letter regarding all Schools to suspended classroom learning indefinitely.

Click here for Information regarding Manitoba suspended classroom learning indefinitely.


Manitoba Education Online Resources

My Child in School:A Resource for Parents

This website provides information for parents on each compulsory subject

area, broken down into the following four sections:

- what your child is learning

- how your child is assessed

- resources that support your child's learning

- frequently asked questions

Mon enfant à l'école : une ressource pour les parents

Le site Web comprend de l'information à l'intention des parents pour chaque

matière obligatoire, divisée en quatre sections :

- ce que ton enfant apprend

- comment ton enfant est évalué

- ressources pour aider ton enfant

- foire aux questions (FAQ)

My Learning at Home

This website includes videos, animations, and interactive websites to help you

understand or deepen your understanding of many concepts in Middle Years

mathematics, science, as well as linguistic elements in English language arts.

Mon apprentissage chez moi

Le site Web comprend des vidéos, des animations et des sites Web interactifs

pour aider à comprendre ou à approfondir la compréhension de plusieurs

concepts en mathématiques, en sciences de la nature ainsi que des éléments

langagiers en français pour les années intermédiaires.

Middle Years Education in Manitoba

The Middle Years Education website offers educators and parents insights and

resources to improve young adolescents' commitment to school and learning

through increased student engagement. Print and online resources are

available to help guide and support educators in providing and assessing

learning opportunities that improve student learning and engagement in the

Middle Years. Communities and educational partners also offer significant

support to Middle Years learners and schools.

Les années d'études intermédiaires au Manitoba

Le site Web des années d'études intermédiaires fournit aux enseignants et aux

parents des conseils et des ressources pour accroître l'engagement des élèves

et ainsi, renforcer l'apprentissage des élèves et l'importance qu'ils accordent à

leurs études. Il propose des ressources imprimées et électroniques pour guider

et appuyer les enseignants dans l'offre et l'évaluation d'activités

d'apprentissage qui renforcent l'apprentissage et l'engagement des élèves des

années intermédiaires. Les collectivités et les partenaires du milieu de

l'éducation offrent aussi un appui important aux élèves et aux écoles des

années intermédiaires.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is a method of accessing courses of study even though

learners and their teachers, instructors, or tutor/markers may be in different

physical locations. Course materials are available in print and electronically.

This site provides information on all the distance learning options available to

Manitoba students.

Enseignement à distance

L'enseignement à distance est un moyen de suivre des cours même si les élèves

ne se trouvent pas nécessairement au même endroit que leurs enseignants,

leurs instructeurs ou leurs tuteurs-correcteurs. Les matériaux de cours sont

offerts en format électronique et en format papier. Le site fournit des

renseignements sur toutes les options d'enseignement à distance offertes aux

élèves du Manitoba.

ISO Course Catalogue

This website lists all of the available Grades 9 to 12 Independent Study Option

distance learning courses available to Manitoba students.

Option Études indépendantes

Le site Web énumère tous les cours à distance offerts dans le cadre de l'option

d'études indépendantes de la 9e à la 12e année, offerts aux élèves du Manitoba.

Independent Study Option Reference Material

This website provides information on how to order ISO courses as reference

material in either print or PDF.

Cours OEI utilisés à titre de référence

Le site Web indique comment commander des cours d'études indépendante

en tant que matériel de référence, en format papier ou PDF.

Free Online Resources for Manitoba Educators and Parents

This site is regularly updated with free online resources for Manitoba educators

and parents.


Learn and use the 3Ps: Protect yourself, Protect loved ones, and Protect our community, by going to


In an effort to curtail the spread of COVID-19 virus, MSBA Risk Management is recommending that all Manitoba School Divisions close all play-structures on all school grounds effective immediately until further notice.

Click here for letter from Manitoba School Boards Association.


Click here for letter regarding information about March 23rd to April 10th, 2020.


Click here for information sent from the Public Health Agency of Canada


Click here for Letter to LSSD Community and list of additional links regarding COVID-19


Click here for letter from Minister of Education regarding information on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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