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EAL-Assistive Technology Teacher

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support Teacher provides help to students whose first language is not English. This role supports students to be successful in the academic program of the grade level classroom where English is the language of instruction. The EAL Support Teacher works with classroom teachers to help children develop English language skills.  EAL Support Teacher also helps students develop learning strategies, promote cultural awareness, and help students integrate in the social aspect of the school.

EAL Support Teacher services may include:

  • EAL Assessment
  • Working on letter sounds and sight words
  • Building vocabulary
  • Supporting classroom reading and writing
  • Monitor and measure linguistic and academic progress
  • Meet divisional and departmental EAL funding and accountability needs

The Assistive Technology (AT) Teacher is a certified teacher with an in-depth knowledge of educational and assistive technologies. The AT Teacher can support students in accessing the curriculum with more independence through the use of assistive technologies. The AT Teacher models and teaches students how to utilize technology to aid them within the classroom. The AT Teacher also provides Professional Development and Workshops for teachers and supporting staff in how to use assistive technology to support students.

Assistive Technology Teacher services may include:

  • Application and tool recommendation
  • Class Demonstrations and Instruction
  • One-on-One student training
  • Create and deploy workshops and PDs
  • Collaboration and Co-Teaching with classroom teachers

Currently, these two roles are fulfilled by the same teacher within the EAL-Assistive Technology Teacher role.

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