Albert Beach Trail

Welcome to the Lord Selkirk School Division Albert Beach Education Trail website.

Lord Selkirk School Division (LSSD) owns 51 acres of forested land, located approximately 2 km south of Victoria Beach and almost adjacent to Albert Beach. The site is an outstanding example of Manitoba's boreal mixed wood forest and represents a unique asset, which has historically been used by the school division for outdoor education and recreation.

The site was used year-round, both by the school division and public at large. Due to a number of factors, the previous infrastructure was removed from the site. The site still contains a 1.1km trail, which winds through the forest. The 51 acre site is now available for educational opportunities and for day trips.

Image of entrance to Albert Beach Trail. A path is shown leading hikers into a dense forrest. A sign with information about the trail is present at entrance.