Trustees Indemnities

                                                                   LORD SELKIRK SCHOOL DIVISION
                                                                                  BY-LAW 2024-01
                                                                          TRUSTEES’ INDEMNITIES

BEING A BY-LAW of the Lord Selkirk School Division providing for the payment of indemnities, mileage, and expenses to members of the Board of Trustees, pursuant to Section 56, Subsection (1), (2), and (3) of the Public Schools Act. The Trustees of the Lord Selkirk School Division at a meeting called and held for the purpose, as hereby enact as follows:


THAT effective January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024, the following indemnities be paid:
i) Thirteen Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy-One ($13,971) Dollars for each Trustee.
ii) An additional Three Thousand, One Hundred and Six ($3,106) Dollars for the Board Chair and One-half the Chair’s compensation for the Vice Chair.
iii) Fifty-Four ($54.00) Dollars per Ad Hoc and Standing Committee Chair or Designate per committee meeting.
iv) Sixty-Four ($64.00) dollars to each trustee who attends a Committee of the Whole meeting. Note: the exception would be no payment on those occasions when the Board would have to go in-camera via the Committee of the Whole at a Regular scheduled Board meeting.
v) Sixty-Four ($64.00) dollars to each trustee who is appointed and attends other Board Committee meetings.
vi) An additional Twenty-One Dollars ($21.00) per hour or portion thereof for Board committee meetings that exceed three (3) hours in duration.


THAT a Trustee be reimbursed for all expenses necessarily incurred while attending a convention, workshop, or other activity as approved by the Board.

i) Per Diem Allowance:
Half day - $85.00 – 4 hours or less
Full day - $171.00 – more than 4 hours.
ii) Meal allowance as follows:
Breakfast         $20.00
Lunch                 25.00
Supper               40.00


A per kilometer rate for non-owned Division vehicles as followed by the division rate. Mileage claims may be claimed while attending school division related activities.


Communication Expense – That trustees receive the sum of $100.00 per month incident to the discharge of duties as trustees to recompense communication costs incurred on school board business. To provide Board Chair with a cell phone.

V. THAT this By-Law supersedes all previous by-laws pertaining to indemnities, mileage and expenses payable to Trustees.

DONE AND PASSED by the Board of Trustees of the Lord Selkirk School Division in session duly assembled this 5th day of March 2024.

_________________________                                                                                __________________________
Chair                                                                                                                 Secretary-Treasurer


                                                                      ADDENDUM TO BY-LAW
                                                                FOR TRUSTEE EXPENSE CLAIMS

Trustees Professional Development Fund

Each Trustee will be eligible to receive an equal amount of funding from the Trustee Professional Development Fund yearly to be used for professional development of skills for Trustees in enhancing and aid Trustees in Trusteeship. Eligible funding to be received:

1) will be recommended each year by the Finance Committee ($63,000.00) for Board approval.

2) will be annually.

3) Trustees may only exceed their annual $7,000.00 Professional Development allotment with prior approval of the Board.

4) is for full registration fee for conventions, workshops, or other activities.

5) is for full cost of travel.

6) is for full cost of meals – per diem, as stipulated in Trustee Indemnity By-Law for the actual dates of the convention, conference or workshop, plus the day prior to and after the event, as required.
The per diem allowance includes mealtime, reception time and travel time from home.

7) is for extended health insurance premiums if required for the duration of the activities outside of Manitoba.

8) is for full cost of accommodations and will be supported for the evening prior to the event and the evening of the last day of the event (if necessary).

9) is for taxi shuttle to and from the airport and to and from the place of accommodation to the conference site.

10) is for car rental.

11) is for conversion to foreign currency for out of country conferences.

12) is not transferable

13) can be used only for professional development.

14) receipts are required for all expenses except meal allowance and mileage.

15) Professional Development expenses must be recorded in the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) that the event occurs.

Requests for reimbursement for expenses shall be made to the Secretary-Treasurer on the prescribed form.
An hourly rate claim would NOT be submitted for the following:
Time spent dealing with local issues, including phone calls, meetings with parents or staff, drop-in meetings at the local school
Time at Regular Board meetings
Time at Christmas Social/Reception
Time at Graduation/award presentations
Band performances or school productions
Division staff retirement dinners
New Teacher Orientation
Time at PAC meetings.



2024-01 Trustees Indemnities