Board Office Team

Jerret Long Superintendent/CEO
Lisa Minaker Assistant Superintendent
Kelly McDonald Secretary Treasurer
Accounting and Payroll
Lisa Poponick Manager of Finance
Michelle Kymanick
Payroll Administrator
Catherina Golden Payroll Clerk 
Erika Ramesar Accounts Payable Clerk
Lisa Chase Executive Assistant
Human Resources
Shelley Tataryn Manager of Human Resources
Rochelle Reske Human Resources Assistant
Gisele Savard Receptionist
Robyn Lowe Safety Officer
Carole Wiedemann Education Assistant Substitute Booking Clerk
Meagan Smolinski Teacher Substitute Booking Clerk
Information Technology
Justin Critch Manager of Information Technology
Keith Beerling Network Systems Administrator
Jason Sowany Senior Systems Analyst
Sagar Patel Cloud Systems Administrator
Dale Clarke IT Technician
Dennis Daraphone IT Technician
Adam Nagy
IT Technician
Tayten Fey
IT Technician
Brian Nemeth Manager of Maintenance
Lee Tully Carpenter
Mathew Oliver Carpenter Assistant
Sylvester Tadeuszow Journeyman Electrician
James Friesen HVACR Technician
Trayton Smith
HVACR Technician
John Olson Painter
Joel Stimpson Painter
Jeff Wilde Plumber
Tory Harris Lead Hand
Carter Goosen General Maintenance
Kaylee Collins
Joey Turek
Manager of Transportation
Janaya Tomchuk Secretary
Meagan Smolinski Secretary
Dan Pugh
Lead Mechanic
Jann McCalpin-Laing
Avery Stewart Mechanic
Hayden Mesojednik
Apprentice Mechanic