May is Mental Health and Well-being Month in LSSD!

May is Mental Health and Well-being Month in LSSD!
Posted on 04/25/2024
Pathways to Wellness

Lord Selkirk School Division is pleased to support the Canadian Mental Health Association's Mental Health Week from May 6-12th in our community. Additionally, we are extending our commitment throughout the month of May to emphasize the importance of mental health and well-being for our students, staff, and wider community. This year's theme, 'Community and Connection,' emphasizes the essential role that relationships and connections within our community play in promoting mental health and overall well-being.

To support our community on their own pathway to mental health and well-being, the LSSD Mental Health and Well-being (MHWB) committee has created a web page to share mental health and well-being resources with staff, students, and families. Click here to access the links to these resources.

The MHWB committee would also like to acknowledge all staff members who submitted applications and proposed mental health and well-being initiatives within their schools. Congratulations to the staff members who received funds to support their proposed initiatives!