Treaty and Land Acknowledgement

In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, we acknowledge that Lord Selkirk School Division is located on Treaty One Territory, the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Cree and Dakota People and the homeland of the Red River Metis Nation.

We respect the treaties made on this land and acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past and present. We stand committed to building positive relationships rooted in a spirit of genuine reconciliation as we move forward.

Picture of a person standing on a chair stitching together (repairing) a picture of the written text of the Selkirk Treaty between chief Peguis and Lord Selkirk, July 18, 1817 and the totemic identity of the other chiefs in the area. The following words are displayed in artwork: MNAADENDIMOWIN - Respect (Take care of yourself to take care of others) GWEKWAADZIWIN - Integrity (Conduct your life in an honest and balanced way) DBAADENDIZIWIN - Accountability (To know that your actions impact your relatives, your home, and your community) ZAAGIDI'IWIN - Empathy (Unconditionally love yourself, your relatives, your home and your community and have the right to be loved unconditionally). Artwork by Charlie Johnston.



Artwork by Charlie Johnston