Cultural Perspectives, Languages

Cultural Perspectives

Inclusivity within Lord Selkirk School is tied very closely to our divisional Continuous Improvement Goals. It is the reflection of Lord Selkirk School Division's values and beliefs that we are operating in a culturally proficient environment - our schools and classrooms. Our school division promotes inclusiveness and encourages learning about differences and how to respond appropriately to differences. Opportunities are created to better understand and celebrate these unique parts of who we are as individuals, while learning how to interact positively with people who differ from ourselves.

Cultural Perspectives is not just the focus on ethnicity. It is promoting the thinking of openness to all cultures/identities that make up our community in Lord Selkirk School Division.

Within our schools and classrooms, we have a large variety of diversity that we need to acknowledge and recognize that affect our learners and our interactions with them:

  • ethnicity
  • socio-economical backgrounds
  • language
  • values and beliefs
  • education
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • etc.

Teachers within Lord Selkirk School Division plan/work with the teacher-led Leadership Teams that will best reflect the diversity of learners within their classrooms. School staff have opportunities for various professional development that will enhance and promote inclusivity and cultural proficiency within each of their schools.


Through our recognition of diversity within Lord Selkirk School Division, we offer French Immersion K-12, English - Ukrainian Bilingual, and French (English Program).

French Immersion K-12

Offered through École Bonaventure (K-6), École Selkirk Junior High (7-9 Dual Track), and Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School (10-12 Dual Track), the French Immersion program is aligned in accordance with the goal from Manitoba Education:

The goal of the French Immersion Program is to develop proud, confident, engaged, plurilingual global citizens.

The French Immersion Program enables students to interact spontaneously, autonomously, and confidently in French with pride and ease. They seek opportunities to engage in the Francophone community. Their identity as Canadian citizens, competent in both French and English, creates lifelong opportunities and fosters openness to other languages and cultures.

English - Ukrainian Bilingual

Offered through Happy Thought School and East Selkirk Middle School, the English-Ukrainian Bilingual program offers Ukrainian language instruction (provincially set curriculum) and activities to increase cultural awareness and experiences in Ukrainian culture.

French (English Program)

Offered through all our schools K-8, with elective opportunities in grade 9 through 12, we recognize the rich history of the French language within Manitoba and it is set in alignment with the goals from Manitoba Education.

The French courses aim to provide all students in Manitoba with quality French instruction which enables them to communicate in the French language and to appreciate francophone cultures.

The goals of the courses are to give students the opportunity to:

  • acquire the necessary language skills to communicate in French
  • value the learning of French as a tool for personal, intellectual, and social growth
  • demonstrate an appreciation of Francophone cultures
  • further develop intercultural communication skills that are essential to all global citizens

Teachers and schools in these various roles are supported through various teacher-led Leadership Teams in school planning, professional development, curriculum planning, and assessment.