Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Learning is the fundamental purpose of schools in Lord Selkirk School Division. Success for all is what we believe and work towards each and every day. Learning is dependent on the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Learning is lifelong, from cradle to grave. Everyone, staff and students alike, in Lord Selkirk School Division is a learner.


Curriculum is the roadmap that provides direction for learning design and support in all subjects. Manitoba Education provides the curriculum that is standardized for all. It allows teachers to establish goals and targets for learning (outcomes). Curriculum is explicit about what we intend students will learn.


Instruction is the vehicle that sets learning in motion. Instruction, or the ways in which teachers promote student learning of the targeted learning outcomes, is what can be differentiated or personalized. Students all have the same goals and targets, but can take different learning paths, and use different ways to show their learning.


Assessment is the dashboard that provides on-going, timely and relevant feedback that communicates where learners are on their journey. Assessment makes the learner's thinking visible as they develop understanding of the targeted learning outcomes. If teaching is done well, then all students will learn.

The depth to which they understand will vary. As such, assessment is never about numbers or accumulating points or how things were done, but rather how deeply the student understands and where they are in relation to the learning targets.