Local Student Recognition Award Recipient

Posted on 12/21/2023
It is with great pleasure that we announce Marlena Muir as the distinguished recipient of the Lord Selkirk School Division Local Student Recognition Award.

Marlena stands as a proud advocate for her Culture and Heritage, embodying the belief that knowledge should be shared with future generations. Her passion for preserving traditions and culture shines through as she generously imparts her wisdom to students and community members of all ages.

With an impressive 16 years of volunteer service, Marlena has been an active and integral member of our community since the age of 12.

She currently leads and organizes the Selkirk Women's Cultural Group, fostering a safe and inclusive space for ALL women, children, and 2Spirit individuals. Her dedication to sharing traditional and contemporary Hand Drum songs has significantly enriched community events.

As a knowledge keeper within the Lord Selkirk School Division, Marlena plays a vital role in shaping the educational experience for students of all levels. Her commitment to creating a supportive learning environment reflects her belief in the importance of passing down cultural teachings.
Beyond her community involvement, Marlena has found passion and success in her entrepreneurial pursuits. Her business, Metis-Superstar Designs, has gained recognition, with features in the Winnipeg Free Press and reaching the semi-finalist round of Pow Wow Pitch.
Marlena's creativity and talent shine through in her unique ribbon skirts and hand drum bags, embodying her dream of making this her full-time career.
Balancing her roles as a loving partner and mother, Marlena's commitment to community welfare is truly remarkable. She understands the significance of giving back and continues to share the valuable lessons she has accumulated throughout her life.

Join us in congratulating Marlena Muir on this well-deserved recognition. Her achievements inspire us all, and we are privileged to have her as an exemplary member of our school community.